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A President's Message

Faye Saxon Horton, President (2016-2018)

A Message about Giving

Faye Saxon Horton, Former Sisters Across America President

Although there may have been times when we were not so fortunate to be where we are, there are those times when we celebrate and enjoy the goodness of life now and for the future.  You may or may not have met your goals and dreams, however, we have the opportunity to help young minority ladies with their goals and dreams to be in the professional golf arena.  There is room for them at the top!
Three reasons why you should give to support the mentees of Sisters Across America, Inc.:

  • In life, we are expected to give and are rewarded for cheerfully giving.

  • Charitable giving is God’s plan for survival to those who are in need and your abundance

  • Giving is a form of worship.

Thank you for your generous donations to support these young ladies. Your tax deductible donation can be given by check or credit card using any of the links on this site.

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Sisters Across America, Inc.

PO BOX 780005

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Sisters Across America, Inc.

PO BOX 780005

Orlando, FL 32878-0005

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